AGV Products

Driverless vehicles are here, and they already have a major impact inside distribution centers and warehouses as the front line of the supply chain changes forever.

Latest Products in AGV

Freezer-Rated Narrow Aisle Reach AGV - Dematic
Operate narrow-aisle reach AGV in freezers.
microScan3 Pro Safety Laser Scanners for Mobile Applications
Solution for safety and navigation for automated guided vehicles robots, conveyors, and human-robot collaborations.
Chuck Automatic Guided Vehicle - 6 River Systems
Starting with Chuck, a collaborative mobile robot, 6 River Systems is building fulfillment solutions that power…
GF2 AGV - BA Systemes
Transport two pallet loads, side-by-side, on compact AGV.
Freight500 and Freight1500 autonomous mobile robots - Fetch Robotics
Automate delivery of heavy, bulky loads with mobile robots
BST undercarriage AGV tugger - Creform Corporation
Heavy-duty AGV battery can be charged in unit
Pack Mule NXG line industrial electric vehicles - Wesley International
Maneuver loads with AC-powered industrial electric vehicles, towable carts
MC10-15 Driven by Balyo – counter­balanced robotic lift truck
Capable of vertical movement for transferring pallets from floor-level staging areas to conveyor lines, loading…
Puck Hi-Res - Velodyne LiDAR
Hi-Res' 3D spinning LiDAR sensor takes in everything around an object.
Travel up to 4MPH, with .2” stopping accuracy and 1 degree heading control, using SurePath natural feature navigation.
Natural Feature Guidance Technology - Transbotics
Natural feature navigation hallmark of new AGVs
Single-direction, 1-ton Drive Tugger
Move finished goods, production parts and supplies with AGV tugger
Weasel Automated Guided Vehicle
AGV transports boxes, totes using optical navigation
MiR200 Mobile Robot - Mobile Industrial Robots ApS
Autonomous mobile robot transports, tows materials
inVia Dynamic goods-to-person automated storage and retrieval system - inVia Robotics
The inVia Picker robot is part of an integrated robotics platform offered as Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS).
Bidirectional Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) - Creform Corporation
Bi-directional AGV optimizes parts delivery in manufacturing
Subway Platform displays for AGV Supervisor tool - Seegrid
System displays anticipated arrival time for vision-guided vehicles
LD Line of Mobile Robot Platforms - Omron Adept Technologies
Autonomous mobile robots navigate without facility modifications
Raymond 3020
Courier 3020 - Raymond Corporation
Transfer loads with automatic lift truck tow tractor
Leine & Linde Encoders with Integrated EtherNet/ IP - Leine & Linde
Heavy-duty encoders provide motion control for AGVs
LS2000 Navigation Sensor and CVC600 Vehicle Controller - Kollmorgen
Sensor and vehicle controller offer choice of navigation
Swift Autonomous Mobile Picking Robot - IAM Robotics
Deploy autonomous mobile picking robot into existing warehouse infrastructure

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