Yale Lift Truck Technologies: Reliant Technology To Prevent Forklift Accidents

Yale Lift Truck Technologies leverages over a century of material handling experience and substantial investment in innovation to bring the most advanced technology-driven lift truck solutions to market.
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Elevate Safety Standards with Yale Reliant Operator Assistance Technology - Prevent Forklift Accidents Now!

Elevate Safety Standards with Yale Reliant Operator Assistance Technology - Prevent Forklift Accidents Now!

Technology increases situational awareness

Yale Reliant operator assistance technology can minimize the risk of worksite accidents related to operator or pedestrian mistakes. Used alongside comprehensive operator training, the technology supports lift truck safety best practices and boosts situational awareness and reaction times. Users are alerted of probable hazards so they can avoid them. Safety may increase, and product damage and downtime can decrease. While alerting drivers of hazards, the technology allows them to maintain control of their lift trucks, aside from the moments interventions are applied, such as speed reductions. Although the interventions are noticeable enough to be felt, they won’t lead to any sudden jerks or shifts that may negatively impact their trucks’ stability.

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Company Product Description:

Forklift accident prevention is a priority

Staffing warehouses is already a massive strain. Don’t let the labor crisis become a safety crisis. These realities threaten productivity, yet you’re still expected to get orders out the door on time, every time. Full automation is years away from solving all the warehouse labor challenges, but certain technology can do more than just alert operators of potential hazards. You need a system that automatically intervenes to help operators avoid them.

  • The annual warehouse employee turnover, a churn that intensifies your dependence on inexperienced operators:  40%
  • The number of forklift safety accidents that happen each year, a risk that you need to contend with:  7,300+
  • The annual cost of work-related injuries, an expense that translates to about $42,000 per event: $167B