Pepperl+Fuchs: Visor-Ex 01 Smart Glasses

From logistics centers to warehouses and airports, our comprehensive product portfolio offers the ideal solutions for material handling applications. While goods have to be quickly and accurately distributed to their intended destination, safety and...
Pepperl + Fuchs Company Profile

Smart glasses feature three integrated cameras and optical zoom for digitizing warehouse tasks and remote maintenance or warehouse systems.

Smart glasses feature three integrated cameras and optical zoom for warehouse mobility.

Created for industrial usage in hazardous areas, Visor-Ex 01 smart glasses are intelligent wearables with three high-quality, integrated cameras, dependable communication features and ergonomic designs, leading to high comfortability.

Weighing 0.4 pounds, the smart glasses are ideal for mobile workers as they conduct any type of task that requires hands-free usage, along with continuous communication.

Two of the smart glasses’ three cameras are 16-megapixel cameras, which are centrally positioned so users’ natural fields of vision are mapped. Remote support can see exactly what users see. A secondary camera provides a 6x optical zoom for zooming—without any loss of quality or scanning of bar codes and QR codes. To indicate when the camera is being used, a red LED is installed next to it.

Company Product Description

Visor-Ex® 01 offers a wide range of innovative and IIoT-ready features that make this system unique. This video provides insights into the highly convenient, user-friendly and flexible cutting-edge technology.

Visor-Ex® 01 is an open concept HMI solution that easily becomes an integral part of your office and plant environment. It can be fully integrated into any digital workflow and matches virtually all collaboration tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The system can be easily configured and integrated with an existing MDM/EMM or with ecom’s eMDM solutions.

The Visor-Ex® 01 is the world’s first and only smart glasses – smartphone solution certified for hazardous areas. The video shows how a mobile worker with smart glasses and a remote expert can work together to resolve an error that occurred with a valve in a process plant.

Visor-Ex® 01 is a uniquely designed pair of smart glasses combined with a versatile smartphone solution and a pocket unit. Instead of integrating all components into the headset itself, they are distributed on separate units that can be conveniently attached to the body. The lightweight headset provides high-quality audio and video communications and features an optical zoom lens for laser scanning onsite. The pocket unit and the Smart-Ex® 02 acting as communication and CPU unit can be attached to any belt and provide interference-free communication over cables.