Vision Pick and Put Wall

LogistiVIEW's Vision Picking and Put Wall solution allows companies to easily design and deploy pick to light and put to light processes with Vision technology.

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LogistiVIEW’s Vision Picking and Put Wall solution allows operations to rapidly and easily deploy pick to light and put to light processes with Vision technology.

Turn any shelf space into a light wall by simply printing labels and applying them to your shelves without any complex installation costs. Scale your pick and put walls with simple configuration and pay based on the number of people in your operation rather than the number of shelf locations.

The LogistiVIEW Vision Pick and Put Wall solution is built on the patent pending LogistiVIEW platform that combines augmented reality, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to optimize the productivity and job satisfaction of frontline workers.

Light-based pick and put processes are already well known in the industry, but they are often bolted to the floor and require expensive wiring projects. Also, traditional light systems get more expensive as you increase the number of storage locations being managed.

With LogistiVIEW, there are no expensive installation costs and walls can be easily setup and moved with simple configuration. This is because LogistiVIEW uses Augmented Reality to create virtual lights that the operator can see in their smart glasses.

Better yet, the cost of the solution increases only as you add more people to your operation rather than as you add more locations, so you can gain the advantages of Vision pick or put in a larger area with a lower investment. LogistiVIEW is also extremely easy to use which allows for rapid training of temporary labor. With LogistiVIEW, it has never been easier or more cost effective to deploy and scale pick and put walls in your operations.

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LogistiVIEW improves frontline productivity and job satisfaction by connecting workers with business systems, operational processes, and collaborative robotics.

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