TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer

Rite-Hite’s TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer has an extra-wide top plate (66” x 12") and twin vertical supports which act as a second pair of landing gear. These features help to minimize the risk of accidents at the loading dock.

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The TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer by Rite-Hite helps prevent accidents at the loading dock by providing back-up landing gear for spotted trailers. Seldom-used or rusted landing gear may collapse under extreme weight conditions. When the trailer stabilizer is positioned snug under a spotted semi-trailer at the loading dock, it will support a static load capacity up to 140,000 lbs.

The extra-wide top plate (66”) and twin vertical supports will help absorb momentum caused from landing gear collapse and help minimize the trailer nose from dropping or tipping. The wide top plate of the TS-5000 covers 65% of the total width of a trailer (102” wide) and more than half of a 48” pallet loaded snug to one side of a trailer.

The Trailer Stabilizer provides safe and secure support, especially for uneven loads where there is greater risk of trailer tip-over. (3) 13” rubber tires and ergonomic positioning handles make the Trailer Stabilizer easy to roll in to position, without the need to tilt for proper placement. An optional communication flag communicates to dock workers when the unit is properly positioned. If there is downward pressure from the trailer load, the gear mechanism can still be released to remove the unit.

This product helps prevent loading dock accidents caused by landing gear collapsing under extreme weight conditions while servicing spotted trailers.

  • The heavy-duty TS-5000 Trailer Stabilizer acts as a second pair of landing gear when positioned snug under a spotted semi-trailer at the loading dock.
  • The extra-wide top plate is 66” wide and 12” deep which will cover at least 65% of the total width of a trailer.
  • The static load capacity is rated for 70 tons (140,000 lbs.). Ideal for servicing heavy loads such as paper, glass, beverages, etc., uneven loads, or facilities with uneven drive approaches.

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