The Magliner Motorized Hand Truck

The Motorized Hand Truck can move loads up to 1,000 lbs.

Image courtesy of Magliner.
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Perfect For Moving Just About Anything

Are you moving rental supplies like tents, dance floors, and bounce houses? Are you often carrying heavy equipment or moving cargo or appliances? What about transporting tools and cylinders outside or around a factory floor? This versatile truck is the answer for rental owners/operators, HVAC and moving contractors, distributors, and industrial or manufacturing company owners.

Safely Move More

The Magliner Motorized Hand Truck is loaded with safety and function features to prevent accidents and injuries—and to help you complete your handling tasks faster, more efficiently, and with ease.  Regenerative braking slows the unit when throttle input is reduced; even on ramps and inclines, and the parking brake automatically engages when the throttle position is zero; safely locking the unit in place.  The high-low speed switch lets the user determine their required speed, and when contact with the throttle is lost, the unit will slow down and stop from both forward and reverse directions. 

Versatility to Meet Your Needs

With a 1,000-pound capacity (850 pounds on ramps), a top speed of 4.3 mph in both forward and in reverse, a tight turn radius for maneuverability in smaller spaces, and a patented quick-attach feature that lets users swap out attachments in seconds, it’ll move a lot of items quickly. Its ergonomic thumb throttle lets the operator direct it forward or in reverse without changing gears, and the variety of attachments, drive wheel options and accessories further enhance versatility through customization.

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1205 W. Cedar St.
Standish, Michigan 48658
Tel: 1 (989) 512-1000
1 (800) 624-5463

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