The Magliner Liftplus

The Versatile All-In-One System That Lifts...Plus So Much More!

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Don’t Wait For a Forklift!

If you need to lift heavy loads from the floor onto shelving or into working position, you don’t want to have to rely only on the muscles and backs of your employees.

You also don’t want to waste valuable time waiting for a forklift. Instead, let the LiftPlus take care of those heavy or bulky loads.

The LiftPlus offers many of the advantages of a forklift—and many other capabilities as well—in a smaller, more efficient, more cost-effective package.

The LiftPlus stacker is powered, but there is no licensing required to operate.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Job-Related Injuries

The LiftPlus is a combination stacker, transporter, and positioner that uses an electric screw drive system for smooth, quiet lifting of up to 350 pounds.

The LiftPlus features four-wheels, which reduces the risk of tipping. Adding even more stability are the large 10-inch disc brakes which allow the material to be unloaded without drifting.

The LiftPlus makes unloading of material ergonomic and user-friendly. Once a load is ready, it can be transported and lifted into place for offloading. 

One System. Many Tools.

The LiftPlus is significantly versatile.  Magline Inc. offers a wide array of attachments to fulfill a variety of industry-specific jobs. Attachments range from a workbench with a built-in vise, to an arbor for rolled products, to a V-tray for cylindrical products.

Several attachments can even turn the LiftPlus into a mobile workstation. The variety of quick-change attachments makes the LiftPlus unique in its ability to adapt to the job at hand.

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The Versatile, Portable All-In-One System That Lifts...Plus So Much More!

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