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SSI Carrier overhead conveying system/pocket sorter

Increase e-commerce throughput with overhead pocket sorter

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Highly compact and flexible, the SSI Carrier overhead conveying system/pocket sorter consists of a universal carrier equipped with an RFID tag for tracking, a circulating conveyor, an accumulation conveyor, and switches alongside workstations for loading and unloading of carrier units.

Built on standard, modular components, the system cost-effectively supports complex picking, sorting, buffering and sequencing.

It transports pockets, pouches, or hanging goods on maintenance-free rollers, reaching throughput rates up to 10,000 carriers per hour. Engineered to eliminate declines, the system can encompass multiple levels as needed. Additionally, a maintenance-free drive runs without transfer points or clamping devices—meaning more inventory processing in less space.

Company Product Description

The SSI Carrier system is a modular pocket conveyor with numerous options. The heart of our SSI Carrier overhead conveyor technology is the primary load carrier. This is a roller adapter on an inner rail. You can connect your various secondary load carriers to this adapter manually or as a fully-automated system. The secondary load carriers can be clothes hangers, pockets, or sturdy boxes.

The roller adapter and hanging load carriers include an RFID transponder. As a consequence, this conveying system is absolutely reliable. Alternatively, barcodes can also be used. High throughput, low maintenance, and universal usage for goods weighing up to 3 kilograms are the key features of the SSI Carrier system.


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SSI SCHAEFER is the world-leading provider of products and systems for intra-company material handling and waste technology.

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Schaefer Systems International
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