Spiral Lift

Vertically convey boxes, totes in multiple sizes with spiral lift.

Image courtesy of Interroll.

The Interroll Spiral Lift conveys boxes, totes and items of all shapes and sizes vertically for a variety of different industries in the safest possible fashion.

The spiral can be designed in 45 degree increments, is extremely quite in operation and features a small footprint, which allows for best space utilization at your facility.

The overlapping slats provide extra safety for the operator. The proven design with rolling friction and rubberized ball bearings allows for less friction, which results in significant energy savings.

Thanks to its self-tensioning chain drive, the new spiral lift is extremely low-maintenance. When service is needed, it is very easy to access the chain mechanism, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Technical Data:

  • Speed: up to 100 ft/min (0.5 m/s)
  • Weight: up to 20 lbs/ft (30 kg/m)
  • Height: up to 156” (4 m) height difference with one motor
  • Width BF: 500 mm, other sizes later available
  • Drive: Interroll Drum Motor or gear motor
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Ambient temperature drum motor: 41° to 104° F (+5° to +40°C)
  • Ambient temperature gear motor: 23° to 122° F (-5° to +50°C)
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Interroll is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of key products for unit load handling systems, internal logistics and automation. These solutions are used primarily within the area of food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and in various segments of industry. The products include easy-to-integrate drive solutions such as drum motors for belt conveyors, DC-powered and non-powered rollers for conveyor systems; energy-efficient flow storage modules for compact pallet/container racking systems in distribution centres; crossbelt sorters, belt curves and other user-friendly conveyor modules for cost-efficient material flow systems.

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Wilmington, North Carolina 28405
Tel: 1 (910) 799-1100
1 (800) 830-9680

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