Span-Track Product Line of Flow Tracks

Roller and wheel tracks that adapt to the application to increase efficiency, save space, and provide the best ergonomic solution for box and bin selection.

Image courtesy of UNEX.

Combination of wheel and roller lane tracks that can flow products from 0.5 lbs up to 100 lbs. This complete product line retro-fits existing pallet rack to make the rack into a dual purpose system. Adding flexibility of use and value.

Span-Track system fits in, on and overhangs the pallet rack for many applications such as order picking, manufacturing in process, manufacturing supermarket, kitting, order batching, and Kanban. Rollers are for hard to handle items and similar sized items.

Wheels provide a very flexible slotting ability. Both roller and wheel have tilt forward options for ergonomic reach and access to pull items out of box or bin. Some of the high use industries are grocery distribution, spirits, garments and shoes, auto manufacturing, and 3rd party logistics.

Span-Tracks is manufactured with different sized and steel gauge frames to match the application need without excess material needed. A professional network of distributors are located nationwide and Canada.


  • Durability

    Span-Track came in to the marketplace to fill a void for a durable flow solution. Unex has maintained that philosophy throughout 54 years of operation.
  • Flexibility

    The many options and track designs give any application a direct solution. Hangers allow the tracks to be repurposed as the operation changes.
  • Value

    The flow lanes are a great solution for applications that are not ready for full automation. Markets change and the rate of change has been accelerated recently. Span-Track flow lanes can be easily scaled up to match demand.This is an essential “use of space” system for the warehouse.

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Unex is a family owned business established in 1964 dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that improve the order picking process. For over 45 years Unex has maintained this focus earning the reputation as a quality manufacturer and a market leader in providing gravity flow solutions to the market. Providing carton flow solutions for order picking operations is our core business. Our Span-Track product line has been the market leader for over a decade. We continue to expand our product line offerings to provide a full range of solutions. Unex carton flow can be integrated into any structure ranging from shelving...

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