Seegrid Palion Lift CR1 Autonomous Mobile Robot Lift Truck


Seegrid combines autonomous mobile robots, enterprise software, and best-in-class services for a complete, connected material handling automation solution. With millions of autonomous production miles driven and zero personnel safety incidents, Seegrid Palion AMRs are reliable, flexible, and proven.
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Seegrid Company Profile

Maximize Efficiency and Safety with Palion Lift CR1: The Ultimate Autonomous Mobile Robot for Warehouses.

Maximize Efficiency and Safety with Palion Lift CR1: The Ultimate Autonomous Mobile Robot for Warehouses.

In autonomous mobile robot lift truck, the Palion Lift CR1 provides a 15-foot lift height and a 4,000-pound capacity. Due to this combination, the AMR can help operations overcome a range of challenges in modern logistics, manufacturing or warehousing facilities.

Seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, leading to a flexible and scalable solution, the AMR offers various features. The AMR has a ride-on compartment, leverages the manufacturer’s advanced navigation technology and safety sensor suite.

It can effortlessly operate in dynamic environments, while navigating aisles, managing buffer zones and moving parts to the line precisely and safely. And, by automating materials handling tasks, the vehicle can streamline operations, reduce inventory needs and accident risks, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency. 

Company Product Description

Go higher and heavier as you streamline material handling workflows with Seegrid's Palion Lift CR1. As Seegrid's second autonomous lift truck, the CR1 is ideal for a wide range of material handling challenges including material transport, vertical handling, and placement of goods and parts to line.

Achieve Your Goals. Advance Your Automation Initiatives.

Seegrid Palion AMRs can be deployed into your workflows during live operations—providing quick ROI in just 6-24 months—and can seamlessly scale across your entire network of facilities.

3D Computer VisionCollapse

Seegrid's advanced algorithm collects and prioritizes massive amounts of live data, enabling our robots to navigate busy industrial environments.

Sensor FusionCollapse

Palion AMRs see and process more data for an extremely accurate understanding of their constantly changing surroundings.

Reliable and FlexibleCollapse

Palion Lift CR1 navigates seamlessly in high traffic, dynamic facilities, enabling real-time route changes while production is running.