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SchaefGuard dunnage product line

Protect contents of totes, containers with reusable dunnage.

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The SSI Schaefer team of experts works with you for a custom turn-key solution for a product that meets your exact needs. Our engineers and designers provide decades of experience developing products for diverse industries including aerospace, appliance, automotive and electronics. From custom totes and pallets to part specific dunnage, SSI Schaefer designs a custom solution to protect your products and strengthen your supply chain performance.

Start Here for Your Custom Schaefguard Design Process:

  1. Consult

    SSI Schaefer packaging experts work to observe processes before the design phase. This first step is crucial to gather data and understand exact working conditions.
  2. Design

    SSI Schaefer packaging engineers work on a design for your specific solution. By selecting the highest quality materials, our team designs a cost effective and durable product.
  3. Quotation

    After concept approval, SSI Schaefer provides a detailed timeline and an itemized quote with terms and conditions.
  4. Proof of Concept

    Before manufacturing, clients receive a prototype. Prototyping allows SSI Schaefer to determine the best fit and protection.
  5. Validation

    After proving the concept, the team validates each process. This is a crucial step in making certain that custom containers and dunnage meet expectations in the field.
  6. Manufacture

    SSI Schaefer has over 80 years of manufacturing experience. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified and includes quality assurance testing.
  7. Integration

    Your SSI Schaefer consultant continues to stay in touch. Should your process change as your business grows, SSI Schaefer works with you to enhance your program with your processes.

In-House Manufacturing and Assembly of Custom Dunnage

Manufacturing Schaefguard™ Protection

When it comes to protecting precision parts, reusable containers and bulk bins offer protection that expendable corrugated materials can’t match. Both durability and sustainability are compromised when expendable materials are used for shipping, storing, or assembly. SSI Schaefer is at the forefront of protective packaging for return shipments, custom applications, and even electronics. Now, SSI Schaefer introduces Schaefguard™ the utmost in product protection and engineered for maximum part to container ratio.

Reusable packaging manufactured to specific requirements can protect delicate precision parts while providing an excellent way to safeguard even the most durable heavy-duty components. Custom reusable packaging allows any manufacturer to implement sustainability while delivering cost savings to the bottom line.

SSI Schaefer delivers each custom product with the same quality and function that you expect from the SSI Schaefer family. Each piece is manufactured using our ISO 9001 process and meets the SSI Schaefer Green Logistics seal of approval. The SSI Schaefer manufacturing facility includes the latest in energy savings tools and techniques.

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SSI SCHAEFER is the world-leading provider of products and systems for intra-company material handling and waste technology.

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