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RAY10 Reflex Array Photoelectric Sensor

The Ray10 Reflex Array is a compact photoelectric sensor designed to detect leading and trailing edges on polybags and irregularly shaped objects.

The RAY10 Reflex Array photoelectric sensor emits a 25mm line beam which detects the leading edge of small, flat, transparent, or uneven objects within its light band, regardless of position.

The 5mm minimum detectable object (MDO) the Ray10 is sensitive enough to detect Irregular shaped objects such as polybags, flexible packaging and even clear packages reliably detected without adjustments.

This considerably reduces installation costs and speeds up commissioning. The RAY10 Reflex Array offers major cost benefits over conventional solutions, which use several individual photoelectric sensors or a small light grid. Because of its compact size (W x H x D: 21 mm x 36 mm x 37 mm) the RAY10 fits in the side rail of most conveyor.

Key Features

  • Reliable detection - With a 25mm LineSpot and 5mm MDO, reliably detect leading to trailing edge of polybags and other irregular shaped objects.
  • Easy Setup - For optimal performance at all times, the indicating light bar immediately lets you know when maintenance or alignment is an issue.
  • Small Housing - Designed to fit in the conveyor side channel, increase reliability without added installation costs

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