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Autoquip is the leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for material handling applications. Offering a full range from standard lifting equipment and controls to completely custom design/build solutions, Autoquip is uniquely positioned to solve problems and improve productivity. Autoquip can put years of industry knowledge and expertise to provide standard or high capacity scissor lift tables, high-travel VRC’s, work platform lifts, or can work with you...
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Durable, high-capacity quad lift increases safety

Durable, high-capacity quad lift increases safety

To lift, move and rotate extreme loads, operators can now use the Quad Platform Lift. Featuring four hydraulically activated, pit-mounted Tork 1 scissor lifts (under a platform with one cable transducer for each leg set), the Quad Platform Lift provides controllers travel feedback.

In addition, the lift, which is 504 inches long and 324 inches wide, offers users a durable high-volume design, thereby improving their safety throughout usage.

The lift, which has a capacity of 6,000 pounds, is reliable and user-friendly.