Big Ass Fans
Powerfoil X3.0

Industrial ceiling fan includes optional LED attachment.

Image courtesy of Big Ass Solutions.

The Powerfoil X3.0 is Big Ass Fans’ biggest, strongest, most durable industrial fan. Powerfoil X3.0 features a patented system of aerospace-designed airfoils and winglets, and the purpose-built sealed NitroSeal Drive gearbox requires no maintenance – ever. Powerfoil X3.0 now ships with an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen controller. Power has never been so easy to control.


  • NitroSeal Drive System
  • Patented Airfoil System
  • C-Face Motor Adapter
  • Functional Platform Touchscreen Controls
  • Hub System
  • Fire Control Panel Integration
  • Onboard VFD Controls
  • Control Options
  • Year-round Energy Savings
  • Unrivaled Warranties
  • SmartSense

Powerfoil X LED

  • Provides unimpeded, energy-efficient light
  • Three standard output options: 9,050, 13,060 and 20,700 lumens. (An additional 10,500-lumen LED is available)
  • Lens options include 30°, 80° and a 100° diffused option for softer, maximized spread
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing building lighting grids, providing maintenance-free operation and exceptional light distribution
  • Operates on any voltage between 120-277 (special voltages available upon request)
  • LM70-rated to 100,000 hours
  • DLC qualified
  • 1-yr, full-performance guarantee
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In 1999, the Big Ass Fan Company was born. Kind of. Then called the HVLS Fan Co. (that’s High Volume, Low Speed—catchy, right?), we first made our mark selling massive ceiling fans that spun slowly but moved astounding amounts of air. The fans kept large spaces that lacked air conditioning, such as factories and dairy barns, feeling cool and comfortable—and soon enough, plenty of other customers wanted in. Things moved fast after that (and kept moving). Only a few years later, we officially changed our name after customers kept calling and asking if we made “those big-ass fans.” When churches wanted to install fans to keep congregations comfortable, we developed the first silent fan motor to meet their needs.

Big Ass Fans
2425 Merchant Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40511
1 (877) 244-3267

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Big Ass Fans
SmartSense control technology for Powerfoil X3.0 industrial ceiling fan
Control industrial ceiling fan to optimize temperature

6-foot version of the AirGo mobile floor fan
Compact design fits through standard doorways

LED and fluorescent lighting
Engineered lighting systems maximize energy savings

More about Big Ass Fans.

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