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MDI is a leader in manufacturing corrugated standard and custom plastic packaging solutions, production assembly, and environmental services. As a non-profit through a Social Enterprise model, MDI creates self-sufficiency by providing meaningful work in an inclusive environment, with nearly half of the workforce comprised of people with disabilities. MDI offers an unparalleled customer experience, while providing high quality products and services to businesses and organizations. MDI manufactures millions...
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MDI’s corrugated plastic hopper bins are the perfect solution for storing, picking, and sorting parts and products.

MDI’s corrugated plastic hopper bins are the perfect solution for storing, picking, and sorting parts and products.

MDI plastic hopper bins are designed to stack neatly to save space on warehouse, workstation shelves and nests when not in use for storage. Our budget friendly plastic hopper bins are durable enough for most storage scenarios.

The low hopper front makes it easy to reach inside and grab objects to save time on assembly, picking and packing. The taller rear compartment stores extra pieces until they’re needed. At MDI, we offer pre made and custom pick bin solutions for a wide range of industries including warehousing, manufacturing, and medicine.

Custom Plastic Hopper Bins

MDI’s custom stacking hopper bins solutions offer a wide range of options to fit your business’s unique workflow and can be designed with the following features:

  • Color – Choose from our selection of pre-existing colors, or a custom color scheme to match your existing coding and organization setup.
  • Construction: - We offer heavy-duty hardboard, wire rim, and welded hopper bins for added durability, as well as collapsible knockdown bins to save space when not in use.
  • Labeling – We provide custom-printed placards with UPC barcodes and other essential information and printable labels that you can reprint and replace as your inventory changes.
  • Size -MDI can create a custom hopper bins in almost any size. You can Choose the bins length, height, width and front lip height from 0 to 53 inches to accommodate large or irregularly shaped items.
  • Dividers – Interior dividers are available to separate small parts and products.
  • Velcro – Velcro closures and attachment points allow you to connect groups of related product bins, secure them to a surface, or close them for easy transport.

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