Flexcon Container
Plastic Dividers for AS/RS Totes

Organize AS/RS totes from any supplier with dividers.

Image courtesy of Flexcon Container.

About Flexcon’s Divider Systems

Flexcon’s dividers are fully adjustable on ¼”, 2” 4” or any centers you need! They are made in heights from 1 1/2” to 20” and can be configured for any tray.

Flexcon’s divider systems cost less than half the cost of metal and they increase the trays capacity because of their weight savings.

The dividers provide:

  • 6”, 4”, 2”, and ¼” adjustability option
  • A perfect fit for any tray or container
  • An excellent way to organize and reduce picking error

Vertical Lift Dividers

Flexcon now has vertical lift dividers for virtually any application. Sizes range from 12”– 120” and heights from 1 ½” to 20”. A few of the options are to divide the tray on ¼”, 2”, 4” and 6” centers. These dividers are generally half of the cost and weight of traditional metal dividers.

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Ken Beckerman is President of Flexcon Container in Berkeley Heights NJ. Previous titles include Vice President, Product Manager, Plant Manager and Salesman. Ken Beckerman has been a part of Flexcon for almost 28 years. Ken is a member of Material Handling Industry of America Leadership Roundtable He has been a member of New Jersey Open Space Committee for over 10 years and director of outreach. Mr. Beckerman is also the co-creator of Ken is a board member of the Mountain Lakes Rowing team and is in charge of facilities. Ken also shares managing coaching staff...

Flexcon Container
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 07922
Tel: 1 (908) 871-7000
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Flexcon Container
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