Pepperl+Fuchs: RFID Gate Reader Solution for Logistic Applications

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From logistics centers to warehouses and airports, our comprehensive product portfolio offers the ideal solutions for material handling applications. While goods have to be quickly and accurately distributed to their intended destination, safety and...
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Improve your warehouse's efficiency with the F800 RFID gate solution. Seamless tracking of large tag populations up to 12 m with minimal set-up.

Improve your warehouse's efficiency with the F800 RFID gate solution. Seamless tracking of large tag populations up to 12 m with minimal set-up.

F800 Series RFID UHF Read/Write Device for Gate Applications

A new RFID gate reader solution from Pepperl+Fuchs creates seamless transparency when detecting large quantities of RFID tags. The cost-effective system is based on powerful, standardized UHF RFID technology (ISO 18000-63 and EPC Class 1 Gen 2) and is specially optimized for use in logistics applications such as incoming and outgoing goods tracking. For this purpose, an Ethernet interface is available for easy integration into IT environments such as ERP, MES, and warehousing systems, as well as a serial RS-232 connection and USB.

The read/write device (F800) of the RFID gate system, which is installed in a rugged diecast aluminum housing, allows the connection of up to four powerful, passive UHF RFID antennas with IP67 degree of protection. These can be operated with up to 2 W per output. Due to the high radiation power and circular polarization of the antennas supplied, it is possible to reliably detect large tag populations (up to 300 tags) in a range of up to 12 m—even if the RFID tags change their orientation. A high-speed multiplexer integrated into the F800 read/write device ensures simultaneous detection of the UHF tags within fractions of a second.

RFID Gate Reader Solution for High Process Safety

Furthermore, the read/write devices output received RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) values and phase angles, which can provide valuable information about the stability of the process. An integrated protective function protects the read/write devices against faults such as antenna short circuits, antenna misalignments, and electrostatic discharges. Eight easily recognizable LEDs visualize the operating state of the read/write devices and the connected UHF RFID antennas at all times, thereby supporting the smooth processing of incoming and outgoing goods.

If a device exchange is necessary, this can be done conveniently using the configuration cloning function via USB, which does not require a complete re-parameterization of the replacement device. In addition, the F800 read/write device is equipped with a series of additional connections (two optocoupler outputs, two optocoupler inputs, two relay outputs) for connecting additional field devices, such as trigger sensors and signal lights.

Complete RFID Gate Solution from a Single Source

The antennas are connected to the read/write devices via rugged coaxial cables from the Pepperl+Fuchs portfolio. These can be purchased in different lengths depending on the installation conditions. Antenna versions with different beam angles are available to precisely suit the application conditions.

All ports on the read/write device are easily accessible, so that all cables can be connected or removed at any time without any effort. For users who want to install the read/write device in a switch cabinet, Pepperl+Fuchs also has a device for simple DIN rail mounting in its portfolio. A mounting bracket with a standardized hole pattern (100 x 100 mm) is also available for installing the UHF RFID antennas at the application site.