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PalletPal 360 spring level loader

Pallet leveler automatically raises and lowers loads

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Designed to improve both productivity and safety, PalletPal 360™ Level Loaders from Southworth Products Corp provide fully automatic height adjustment when loading and unloading pallets.

Heavy-duty springs automatically lower or raise a pallet as weight is added or removed, maintaining the top layer of boxes at a convenient height. 

A turntable ring (or optional turntable platform) at the top of the PalletPal allows the user to spin the load so he or she can stand in the same spot throughout the loading or unloading process making work faster, safer and easier.

Compact base design allows workers complete 360° access to loads. Because all of the PalletPal 360’s components are contained within the diameter of the turntable ring, there are no protrusions, projections or obstructions, so reach-over zones are eliminated.

The economical unit requires no power and is virtually maintenance-free.  Fork pockets at the base allow for easy relocation.

The PalletPal can accommodate loads from 400 to 4,500 lbs., depending on which of five spring packages is chosen by the customer (based on the anticipated weight and height of a fully loaded pallet).  If needs change, the unit can be adapted easily in the field by changing its spring combination.

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Southworth Products Corp is the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries.

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