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Pallet Rack Guard Nets

Prevent falling product with rack nets.

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Installed on the back side of racks or in flue spaces between racks where regular access is not required, Pallet Rack Guard Nets from Carron provide an economical product retention and employee safeguarding solution that’s custom designed to meet your needs.

Offered in a variety of mesh sizes and load ratings, when properly installed these nets help comply with storage rack guarding requirements under OSHA 1926.250.


The two most common installation types are Offset and Flush Mount.

Offset Installation is required where pallets or product loads overhang the rack face 3” or more. Our adjustable horizontal offset brackets provide the base for a cable frame which supports the netting away from the rack frame. See the Rack Guard Installation PDF for further details and installation instructions.

Flush Mount Installation is used when no allowance for pallet or product overhang is required. Heavy duty nylon tie wraps are used to attach the netting directly to the rack frame on 1’ centers on all edges.

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Cost effective, custom designed pallet rack and conveyor guard systems protect workers and reduce costly product damage. 100% nylon nets with load ratings of 250-5,000 pounds are ready to install right out of the box to help you meet OSHA 1926.250 requirements. Hardware mounting accessories are also available.

Carron Net Company
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Carron Net Company
Nylon safety netting improves major retailer’s inventory control
The rack netting also significantly reduces damaged goods’ high expenditures.

Custom designed guard net systems for pallet racks and conveyors
Safety net systems with a variety of load retention capacities installs quickly and easily.

Accessible Guard Net Systems
Prevent items from falling off racks, shelves with protective netting

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