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Pallet Rack Guard Nets

Carron's Protective Guard Nets for Pallet Racks and Conveyors save you from product falls that are dangerous and expensive.

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Pallet Rack Guard Nets from Carron provide an economical product retention and employee safeguarding solution that’s custom designed to meet your needs. Offered in a variety of mesh sizes and load ratings, when properly installed these nets help comply with storage rack guarding requirements under OSHA 1926.250.

Whether conveyor systems are overhead or located at ground level, you’ll find Conveyor Containment Nets from Carron to be the simple solution to protecting your employees and saving products from damage and loss.

Cost-efficient and easy to install, Conveyor Nets from Carron help you meet safety requirements under OSHA 1926.555 while allowing quick and easy access for clearing jammed items or equipment maintenance - with virtually no down time.

Carron Net has unmatched experience producing high-quality netting for virtually any Pallet Rack Guard or Conveyor Containment application. We specialize in custom designed and manufactured nets for installations into existing facilities, as well as new construction.

Carron manufactures our own netting and does all of our fabrication at our two factories in Two Rivers, WI. Our knowledgeable sales and customer service professionals are available for a free consultation any time - we’re just a phone call or short drive away. Support for your next netting project is as easy as calling 800.558.7768 or emailing [email protected].

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Cost effective, custom designed pallet rack and conveyor guard systems protect workers and reduce costly product damage. 100% nylon nets with load ratings of 250-5,000 pounds are ready to install right out of the box to help you meet OSHA 1926.250 requirements. Hardware mounting accessories are also available.

Carron Net Company
1623 17th Street
P.O. Box 177
Two Rivers, Wisconsin 54241
Tel: 920-793-2122
1 (800) 558-7768

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Carron Net Company
Guarding has your back - and more
Accidents happen. But the potential impact can be reduced with the use of guarding from rack protectors to netting and safety…

Nylon safety netting improves major retailer’s inventory control
The rack netting also significantly reduces damaged goods’ high expenditures.

Custom designed guard net systems for pallet racks and conveyors
Safety net systems with a variety of load retention capacities installs quickly and easily.

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