ORBIS Corporation: P3 Plastic Pallet

Plastic reusable containers and pallets improve the flow of product all along the supply chain to reduce costs. ORBIS, based in Oconomowoc, WI, helps world-class customers move their product faster, easier, safer and more cost-effectively. Using proven expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation, superior products (containers, pallets and dunnage) and supply chain services (pooling, cleaning and logistics) to implement plastic reusable packaging systems.
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Reduce environmental waste and realize transportation efficiencies with new lightweight and stackable pallet packing solution from Orbis.

Reduce environmental waste and realize transportation efficiencies with new lightweight and stackable pallet packing solution from Orbis.

ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, adds the new P3 pallet to its suite of reusable plastic pallet offerings to improve sustainable handling in primary packaging, food and beverage, and CPG applications. The 40-inch-by-48-inch P3 pallet is a durable, lightweight, stackable hygienic packaging solution that integrates seamlessly with manual and automatic material handling equipment.

Designed with a low-profile 5.1” height, the P3 pallet is easily double-stacked in racking systems and maximize truckload space. Optional steel reinforcements and grommets provide strength and improved stability to reduce load shifting and product damage.

Comfortable handholds allow for easy manual handling, and the plastic flow-through design reduces contaminant spaces and allows for easy cleaning. Plus, with a longer lifespan than wood, the P3 pallet provides unmatched sustainable advantages.

Alison Zitzke, senior product manager at ORBIS Corporation:

“With sustainability and reliability at the center of our business, the new P3 pallet is designed to maximize durability and performance. The unique features of the P3 pallet include molded-in deck pads that support multiple box layout configurations to protect corners, and a low-profile height optimized for double stacking in racks. With sustainability a top-of-mind priority, these features help companies deliver on their environmental commitments while ensuring supply chain efficiency and product protection.”

Benefits also come in the form of operational efficiency and convenience, with a four-way forklift entry and a stringer bottom providing easy access to the pallet from any position and seamless integration with automated systems. Plus, the pallet’s molded-in deck pads support multiple box layout configurations, protecting box corners and ensuring product is not damaged during transport.

Built with ORBIS’ dedication to sustainability in mind, the P3 pallet replaces wood pallets in the supply chain to reduce environmental waste while providing a durable and reliable solution for product transportation and storage.

The P3 pallet can be fully recycled at the end of its useful life, making it eligible for the Recycle with ORBIS program, offering credit on recycled products for future packaging purchases. Additionally, the P3 pallet also can be manufactured with recycled plastic, adding to its sustainable advantages.