ORBIS Corporation: OpteBulk Sleeve Pack

Plastic reusable containers and pallets improve the flow of product all along the supply chain to reduce costs. ORBIS, based in Oconomowoc, WI, helps world-class customers move their product faster, easier, safer and more...
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Sleeve pack reduces environmental waste.

The OpteBulk sleeve pack system offers sustainability, transportation, and cost-saving benefits.

The OpteBulk sleeve pack system offers sustainability, transportation, and cost-saving benefits. Comprised of a pallet, top-cap, and sleeve system, the OpteBulk is a reusable plastic packaging solution designed to efficiently store and distribute primary packaging products.


An optimal replacement for single-use, fiber corrugated boxes, the OpteBulk’s long service life and durable construction reduce negative environmental impacts. Beyond its sustainable benefits, the top cap and pallet nest together for secure stacking, maximizing space in tight manufacturing areas.


The sleeve is also collapsible and fits inside the pallet for improved return efficiency. In fact, 330 collapsed bins fit in a standard 53’ trailer, a 50% increase over alternative solutions. Maximizing truckload space not only reduces shipping costs, but also reduces emissions due to fewer return trips.

Due to the container’s lightweight design and active latch technology, one person can easily engage and disengage the sleeves from the pallet for fast, efficient assembly. The OpteBulk sleeve pack system is designed to help efficiently store and distribute primary packaging products, including preforms, caps and closures in the food and beverage and consumer goods industries.

OpteBulk System

Expanding the OPTE portfolio, this new 6-fold design adds two reinforced walls, improving wall strength for dense fluid loads. By implementing this system, companies can reduce the environmental waste associated with single-use fiber corrugated boxes and wooden pallets in their supply chain. Since cleanliness is essential in food and beverage production, the solid, smooth pallet top deck and sealed sleeves of the OpteBulk keep its contents clean from debris and do not break down with moisture like single-use alternatives.

Its lightweight design and active latch technology allow for one person to easily assembly and collapse the solution. Overall, the OpteBulk’s design makes it durable, easy to clean, sustainable, and integrate seamlessly with manual and automatic material handling equipment.

Key Features:

  • Fifty percent more collapsed sleeve packs per trailer than alternative bulk container systems for reverse logistics.
  • High cubic capacity and low tare weight allow for more product to be shipped before weighing out a truck.
  • Patented active latch technology secures the sleeve to the pallet for easy dumping and allows associates to ergonomically activate using their foot without bending over to use.

Company Product Description

The OpteBulk™ Systems comprise of a pallet, sleeve and top cap and is an economical collapsible bulk containerfor lighter weight loads. Select pallets feature a locking tab that secures the sleeve to the pallet and top cap. Sleeves can be fabricated from paper or plastic corrugated materials with custom features designed to meet a variety of applications. Multiple custom sleeve heights and designs are available. ORBIS offers custom printing and graphics available for easy identification. OPTEBulk sleeves are available with drop panels, split-sleeves and steel wire reinforced walls. The pallet/top cap design allows for maximum cube utilization in trailers.