Aigner Label Holder Corp.: Newly Redesigned Deck•ID™ Label Holder For “Waterfall” Wire Decking

Aigner label holders are management tools that prevent problems before they arise. Whatever the initial investment, you’ll receive quick payback in materials, labor, and overall efficiency that includes:Ease of label changes; 50% Cost Savings in materials required in eliminating hard-to-remove adhesive labels.; 65% Savings in Labor to apply and remove adhesive labels.; Prevent Costly Mispicks. We specialize in new product innovation, providing quality products at competitive prices and...
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No need To use messy labels on the beam!

No need To use messy labels on the beam!

Aigner’s new Deck•ID™ Label Holder is a unique system comprised with EZ Read™, a glare reducing, clear, matte finish face and a simple snap on backing to easily add signage or labels to your pallet racking when utilizing wire decking. When labeling is needed for cold storage, Deck•ID™ is compatible to withstand temperatures down to -20F.

Deck•ID™ comes in 2 sizes which hold 3” x 5” or 4” x 6” printable card stock and features a grey backing for more contrast. Simply place the printed inserts behind the barcode compatible, EZ Read™ face and snap it anywhere on the wire decking. Deck•ID™ is designed to fit between the 2” centers of standard.

¼” diameter wire decking and stays secure. 25/pk. Printable inserts included.

Yet another way to organize efficiently with Aigner Label Holders.

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