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Mustang single-mast, mini-load ASRS

Mini-load AS/RS compensates for mast swing at extended heights.

Image courtesy of TGW Logistics Group.

GW’s single-mast storage and retrieval machines (SRM) are capable of storing loads at heights of up to 25 metres, which is usually only possible with twin mast machines. This keeps investment costs low for stored goods of up to 100 kg.

The twin mast machine STRATUS is used for heavy load trays with a weight of up to 300 kg, and for several load-handling devices (LHD). The machines and devices of TGW’s SRM range easily adapt to the individual needs of our customers. TGW’s Commander system takes care of the control and visualisation.

To meet any load requirement, the MUSTANG single mast SRM as well as the STRATUS twin mast SRM can be combined with any of TGW’s load-handling devices. Depending on the type, the load handling devices are able to store loads up to two metres in depth.

The TWISTER load-handling device uses cutting-edge technology that has been constantly advanced for more than a decade, allowing direct carton handling. As a flexible LHD it also allows for an extraordinarily high storage density.

Thanks to the lightweight design and construction of our storage and retrieval machines, and the standard use of energy recovery modules with energy consumption oriented axis control, our machines are extremely energy-efficient compared to other providers in the market.

Your Benefits:

  • Handles a wide range of load dimensions without additional load carriers
  • Minimises investment and process costs as well as lead times thanks to direct load handling
  • Multi-deep storage of handled load up to 100 kg
  • Extremely high storage density reduces storage volume and warehousing costs
  • Storage and retrieval machines deliver highest system performance
  • Superior energy efficiency at maximum performance
  • High machine and operator safety
  • Maintenance-friendly aisle access conforms to standards and simplifies the service procedure
  • Customised TGW Commander IT and controls solution optimises all TGW storage and retrieval equipment
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