Multi FleXL Stretch Hood Machine

The Multi FleXL stretch hood machine by Lachenmeier effectively secures and protects large loads, including those at risk of exposure to the elements, during transport and storage.

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Our Multi FleXL machine is designed to wrap large loads from 20 x 20 inches and up to 125 inches length x 66 inches width, with a maximum height of 120 inches. The machine is specially designed to wrap large loads like insulation bundles, sheets of drywall and corrugated boxes.

Capacity wise, the machine can wrap up to 150 loads an hour depending on product height and size. The machine is fitted with our well-known patented film unwinding during stretch patent (#US 7,040,076 B2), which eliminates thin and fragile film on the corners of the stretch hood wrapped load. The system makes film on the corners of the load approx.

30% thicker than normal and avoids the formation of “pouches” on the corners. At the same time, this system saves up to 10% in film consumption.

Key Features:

  • The Multi FleXL is fitted with our patented film unwinding during stretch patent, which saves customers 10 percent in film consumption, is 100 percent waterproof, and eliminates the risk of contamination,
  • The Multi FleXL can be configured with up to four different film sizes.
  • The Multi FleXL can be set up to automatically switch between sizes to provide enhanced flexibility and a perfect fit for every load.
  • Wrapping up to 150 loads an hour, depending on the size and height of the product, Multi FleXL further provides fast and accurate results.

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