MATRIX suite of enterprise-level software

Software optimizes parcel and dimensioning systems.

Image courtesy of QubeVu.

Powerful data and device management across your enterprise

QubeVu MATRIX is no ordinary “dimensioning software.” It’s a suite of enterprise- level solutions purpose-built to

  • Simplify the collection, management and analysis of scan data
  • Optimize the performance of your QubeVu fleet
  • Open new revenue and efficiency opportunities throughout your operation

Completes the QubeVu Solution

MATRIX works with every QubeVu in your operation, from parcel scanners up to LTL and freight solutions. It unites your devices into a seamless, dashboard-driven network – efficiently gathering critical data and keeping you informed in real time about everything from system-wide volume to operations efficiency.

Your Operations, Futureproofed

MATRIX takes advantage of QubeVu’s digital-native DNA – solid-state devices driven by state-of-the-art software, ready to make the most of emerging trends in Machine Vision, AI, IoT, and Big Data. QubeVu is way out front, so you’ll never be left behind.

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Our patented 3D technology offers the world's fastest dimensioning, certified accuracy on any shape, and class-leading ease of use. From our quick-setup DimStation® model to our ultra-sophisticated Cloud network, QubeVu solutions are a generation ahead of the "dim-osaurs" offered by others. No matter your dimensioning needs, QubeVu leads the way.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
(855) 688-3671

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Dimension irregular shapes, palletloads with lightweight, suspended device.

QubeVu dimensioner
Lease-to-own dimensioner.

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