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Line of vertical pan carousels

Vertical carousel retrieves carriers at speeds up to 26.5 feet per minute.

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Vidir’s Pan Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that provides a high overall storage volume while occupying a very small footprint resulting in a multi-benefit solution for your storage requirements.

Increases Available Storage

The Pan Carousel can increase your available storage capacity by up to 70% by increasing storage density and utilizing previously inaccessible vertical space.

The increased density is accomplished through a series of interchangeable dividers and removable intermediary shelves that allow you to easily reconfigure the carousel interior to a diverse range of SKU’s.

Additionally, all vertical carousels operate under the product to person principle which ensures that the operators no longer concern themselves with search and retrieval functions but allow the vertical carousel to retrieve items regardless of their location.

Fast and Effective Retrieval Times

Automated vertical carousels such as the Pan Carousel increase the effectiveness of order processing through a combination of quick retrieval times and increased picking accuracy.

The Pan Carousel can be integrated with order processing software that will not only track your inventory but process pick lists which provides fast, reliable, and worry free retrieval.

Increase Health and Safety

Implementation of the product to person principle eliminates wasteful and harmful steps for stocking and retrieving parts. Vidir’s Pan Carousel ensures that operators are working at ergonomically acceptable heights, this reduction in unnecessary bending, walking, and other hazardous retrieval techniques such as ladders and cherry pickers increase workplace health and safety.

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Vidir Inc.
Vidir displays Pan Carousel
Vidir Machine (Booth 3127), will feature the Vidir Pan Carousel, which improves time and space efficiency and employee productivity.

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