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LFS Warehouse Management Solution

WMS and wearable voice-controlled workflow system showcased

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The LFS warehouse management solution provides functionality that streamlines supply chain operations, reduces errors, improves picks and increases transparency.

Capable of handling up to one billion picks per day in a single warehouse, the WMS can be implemented in a variety of operations—from manual to fully automated—and provides unique user configurability for flexibility and independence.

Also featured, Lydia Voice enables voice controlled workflow processes with voice-guided systems for intralogistics, manufacturing, service, maintenance and quality assurance. Optimized for the supply chain, the system can be deployed as wearable vests, creating a hands-free, eyesfree and headset-free solution that incorporates speakers and a microphone into a vest.

Company’s Product Description

LFS.wms is a high-performance warehouse management system for the active control of all processes and material flow as well all available resources in the warehouse. Thanks to its unrivaled configurability, LFS.wms can be tailored to work within your existing and future processes. It’s designed to grow alongside your business if and when your requirements change. It is easy to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems and all major technology platforms. This ensures seamless assimilation with current and future infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise. LFS.wms is out-stand solution against typical warehouse management systems.

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Our warehouse management system provides you with the perfect solution. Let LFS help you to efficiently connect logistics and production.

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