Larson Electronics
LED Drop Light/Task Light

LED drop light with daisy chain connections

Newly released, the Larson Electronics LED Drop Light/Task Light with hooks features a 2-foot-long LED lamp for bright light quality and durability. Portable, the 14-watt FTL-3-LED-ILC-5 task light is equipped with a 2-foot LED T8 lamp protected by a polycarbonate lens to resist shocks, drops and rough handling.

The T8 style bulbs produce 1,750 lumens and do not require a ballast to operate. To diffuse light, the lens is slightly frosted, and as the light lacks glass components, it is food safe.

Other highlights include a set of drop hooks for convenient overhead hanging when needed, a machined handle at the base for handheld operation, and the ability to daisy chain multiple lights together.

Larson Electronics

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Larson Electronics
9419 E. US HWY 175
Kemp, Texas 75143
1 (800) 369-6671

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