Kardex: Kardex Connect Secure IIoT platform

Kardex is one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated storage and retrieval systems. Each one of our products has been designed to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your work processes. Our tailor made solutions allow you to make optimum use of your storage space. We have successfully installed more than 140,000 systems in manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, office and retail sectors since 1873 – proof of our ability...
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Kardex Company Profile

Software solutions enhance operational efficiency.

Software solutions enhance operational efficiency.

Kardex Connect, a secure industrial internet of things(IIoT) platform, gives operations access to services to reduce downtime, enhance security and increase transparency.

Remote Support enables users to get assistance from help desk professionals who can remotely diagnose and resolve equipment issues 24/7. This can reduce onsite visits from technicians, saving money and time.

With Smart Monitoring, equipment automatically submits reports to help desk professionals when errors occur. Remote Support notifications can also be submitted onto smart phones. Intelligent Analytics uses real-time data and ItemPath integrates with your existing system to provide an intelligent, analytical view of your operations. ItemPath dashboards help operations keep tabs on storage.