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Hydraulic Lift Table Provides OEM Equipment Integration

The Beacon® World Class Products BEHLT Series Hydraulic Lift Table is designed as a sturdy lifting platform with capabilities up to 12,000 lbs.

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This medium duty Hydraulic Lift Table is designed as an electro-hydraulic unit that features a smooth steel platform for industrial ergonomic positioning applications.

Lifting weight capacities range from 1,000 to 12,000 lbs. Deck platforms range from 24” to 72” Wide by 48” x 144” Long depending on the model. The standard unit comes with electric toe guards meeting the ANSI MH29 safety Standard.  Lowered height ranges from 7” to 12” depending on capacity of the unit.

Overall raised heights can range from 43” to 82” with this single leg set design. As standard, a Limit Switch is mounted on the unit, which will stop the deck at a predetermined height. Paint color options are available to meet your OEM equipment integration for a seamless overall appearance.

Internally mounted self- contained 56 frame, 2 PH motor which delivers the best torque with minimum amperage draw for maximum life. Standard voltage is 460 Vac, 3 Ph., 60 Hz, with other standard options available such as 208-230 Vac, 3 Ph., 50/60 Hz., 120 Vac, 1 Ph. 60 Hz, by request. An optional Air (Rotary Air / Oil or Reciprocating Air / Oil) is also available if electric power is not available at the desired location.

A brass velocity fuse mounted in hydraulic cylinders help protect against sudden drops. These units are equipped with Nema 4 constant pressure water tight, dust tight and corrosion resistant “Up – Down” push button control on a heavy duty coil cord for years of service. Fused 24 volt control also helps insure operator safety. Hydraulic 3000 PSI component rating on crimped hoses and fittings. Removable and replacement state of the art bushings and pins allow for long life and maintenance. 

Constructed of steel (ASTM A-36 minimum) with welding to meet A.W.S. Rollers are Grade 1018 cold roll with case carburizing to 0.010” with Rockwell “C” 40. Pins are Grade 1018 cold roll chrome plated with 32 RMS finish. Lifetime DU bushings are located at all pivot points. (Minimum 10,000 cycle rating).

Many Fortune 500 companies and governments rely on Beacon in the material handling industry. As one example, Event ID: BE-7955, a Liquid Crystal Sapphire furnace manufacturing company has purchased many Hydraulic Lift Tables from Beacon to integrate and sell with their furnaces as a package. A special color option, zero leak valve and top deck hole pattern were provided to the customer to meet their requirements. 

Choose a variety of Hydraulic Lift Tables Beacon has to offer to fit your lifting and positioning needs.

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Beacon provides value added, for industry standard or design to build core products in the material handling industry.

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Beacon Industries
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