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HDMP4845 BulkPak Container

Maximize trailer packout with collapsible bulk container.

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The ORBIS® HDMP4845 series, part of the BulkPak® product line, offers maximum packout to eliminate wasted truck space, reduce freight costs and improve throughput in automotive and industrial supply chains.

This reusable container is manufactured from high-density polyethylene to improve product protection during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution. The HDMP4845 heavy-duty container is collapsible and designed to hold medium to heavy weight, with an 1,800-pound maximum.

The HDMP4845 is unique to the BulkPak line due to its transportation advantages. When compared with alternative containers, the HDMP4845 allows two additional positions per a 53-foot truck (28 total), while maintaining the internal capacity of a standard 45x48 bulk container.

This means an inbound truckload can carry 84 filled HDMP4845 containers, and a return truckload can transport 252 collapsed containers, versus the standard 208 collapsed bins per return truckload with other containers. Additional benefits include patented retention clips for easy panel removal and faster, safer repairs without tools.

The container’s two-piece spring-loaded latches also support safer handling with a robust corner engagement. Ergonomic in nature, it comes with zero, one or two doors for safer and easier access to the bottom of the bulk container.


  • Efficient transportation: allows two additional stack positions in a 53-foot truck — allowing 252 collapsed containers per truckload versus the industry standard 208, equating to a 20 percent density gain
  • Durable: manufactured from high-density polyethylene with ORBIS’ structural foam processing technology, this robust container can hold up to 1,800 pounds and offers the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Ease of repair: patented retention clip design allows for quick, tool-free and safe panel removal

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ORBIS helps world-class companies move their product faster, safer and more cost-effectively with a wide assortment of reusable plastic pallets, totes, dunnage and bulk systems. We protect your product and improve the flow of your supply chain.

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