Hawker Provides Leading Edge Motive Power Solutions for Diverse Applications

HAWKER offers a complete line of battery and charger solutions.

HAWKER® power solutions are designed to reduce environmental impact, lower operational costs, increase productivity, and improve customer operations.

Plus, HAWKER® is the largest brand of industrial lead-acid batteries in the world. HAWKER® has manufacturing, assembly, and sales capabilities world-wide – with product solutions that are the moving force behind applications as diverse as telecommunications and aircraft, UPS systems, and submarines.

HAWKER® offers the broadest range of power solution products in the industry, and provides the experts to turn those solutions into real cost savings in each unique operation. At HAWKER® our recommendations are fact based, our products are best in class, and our people are dedicated to helping you improve your bottom line.

HAWKER® not only manufactures our batteries, but also designs and assembles our chargers, thus delivering our customers a single-source supplier for engineered motive power solutions. This allows HAWKER® to assess and design complete power solutions to enhance each customer’s operation and optimize productivity, improve efficiency, and minimize cost.

The technological expertise of HAWKER® is nowhere more evident than in the HAWKER® manufacturing facility in Ooltewah, Tennessee. This HAWKER® production facility is the most technologically-advanced and environmentally friendly facility in the industry.

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HAWKER® customizes leading-edge motive power solutions for our customers. We are focused on delivering fact-based, cost-saving solutions with a “whatever-it-takes” passion. We not only offer the industry’s broadest product range of batteries and modular, high-frequency, smart chargers in the motive power industry, but we provide the people and expertise to turn those products and power systems into real cost savings for each operation. HAWKER® is your one-source solution for motive power savings.

P.O. Box 808
9404 Ooltewah Industrial Drive
Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363
1 (800) 238-8658

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Flex Battery
Hawker's Flex battery is The Power of Productivity

FlexPAK battery/charger combo pack
Eliminate routine maintenance with batteries that do not require watering.

LifePlus MOD3 high-frequency smart charger
Easy to use wireless smart charger reduces costs

More about Hawker.

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