Pepperl+Fuchs: G20 ZPA Roller Module - Intelligent Buffer System for Conveyor Technology

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Integrated logic allows the modules to independently control 24 V DC motor rollers in conveyor systems without a higher-level control system.

Integrated logic allows the modules to independently control 24 V DC motor rollers in conveyor systems without a higher-level control system.

Fast lead times, efficient and reliable workflows: demands in the material handling and logistics industry are high. To avoid collisions, intelligent G20 ZPA motor control modules from Pepperl+Fuchs constantly monitor material flow and ensure smooth processes in roller conveyor systems.

The new G20 ZPA roller module adjusts the infeed of packages on conveyor belts to match the rate of packages leaving the conveyor belt—individually and without time-consuming programming. Zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) ensures that proper spacing is maintained between packages.

This newly developed module is especially cost-effective and operates without a fieldbus infrastructure, control system, special tools, or additional cables.

Intelligent Plug-and-Play Module

The G20 ZPA module is simple to integrate. Every module can be attached to a flat power cable via piercing technology. No special tools are required, and the module’s swivel mechanism makes repositioning easy. This allows for the construction of modular conveyor segments that are immediately operable once on-site. All of the necessary ports are built into the slim module, which can be easily attached to the mounting rail for clutter-free plant design.

Integrated logic enables fast commissioning and automated neighborhood detection, including control of the connected motors. There is no need for special devices or programming. Using three rotary selectors, users can determine speed and rotational direction and choose from one of seven operating modes. An optional ZPA analyzer tool can also be used for commissioning and diagnostics. It automatically generates a list of all devices and their settings.

Flexible, Cost-effective Solution for Conveyor Systems

The new G20 ZPA module only addresses rollers if necessary. Otherwise, the module puts rollers into “sleep mode”, which significantly reduces energy costs. At the same time, five start and stop ramps ensure gradual acceleration and deceleration of the conveyor belts, protecting roller gears in the long run. The module also offers flexible installation, because the device operates independent of the fieldbus and allows integration of up to 256 modules in series.

An additional voltage limiter in the G10 housing intercepts excess feedback current that can occur when the roller conveyors are stopped. This prevents any overvoltage shutdown of the power supply. The compact G10 limiter can be easily attached to the flat cable to compensate for the current return of up to four roller motors.