FS 5000 Pallet Dimensioner

Put the industry’s most affordable pallet dimensioner to work for your business.

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Reliable & Affordable Pallet Dimensioning

The FS 5000 is a fully-automatic freight and pallet dimensioner, offering accurate dimensioning at a fraction of the cost of other pallet dimensioners.

As an NTEP, Measurement Canada, and OIML certified dimensioner, the FS 5000 is bringing affordable, legal-for-trade measuring to companies around the world. In fact, most customers report full ROI in just 1 to 6 months.

Contact us today to see how the FS 5000 can be customized to your operation, revolutionizing the way you capture information about your freight.

Options for Initiating Your Dimensioner
We offer a variety of triggering options to help you maximize the efficiency of your dimensioner and process.

  • Hanging Barcode Scanner

    Hang a scanner from the ceiling near your dimensioner. This lets forklift operators trigger the dimensioner without leaving the fork.
  • Barcode Scanner Connected to Forklift

    Trigger the dimensioner using a wired handheld scanner connected to your forklift’s on-board computer.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanner

    Outfit each forklift with its own bluetooth-enabled scanner for another quick and convenient way to trigger scans without getting off the fork.
  • Triggering App

    Don’t use barcodes? No problem. Use our triggering app to manually trigger the dimensioner from a tablet or computer.
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What makes FreightSnap the best value in dimensioning? Simply put, our products offer the same capabilities as other dimensioners – in some cases more – for a fraction of the cost. Couple that with unparalleled support over the life of your unit and it’s easy to see why FreightSnap is becoming the most trusted name in package and pallet dimensioning. When you choose FreightSnap, you’ll not only spend less up front, you’ll see a return on your investment sooner.

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