Keith Manufacturing Co.: Freight Runner dock-to-trailer conveying system

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KEITH is a progressive, family-owned company that takes pride in providing bulk material conveying systems that solve customers' problems. WALKING FLOOR® technology is used to move, store and meter difficult-to-handle bulk materials including agricultural, wood, ice, waste, paper, asphalt and aggregate products.
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Automate cargo handling for faster distribution, labor savings.

Automate cargo handling for faster distribution, labor savings.

With the Freight Runner Dock-To-Trailer system, load and unload times can be reduced to 5 minutes, depending on the application. Wasted time—especially for drivers as they wait for forklifts or employees (with pallet jacks) to manage loads—can be eliminated.

Able to convey goods from a trailer to a warehouse, the system uses a chain and runner conveyor that is installed in trailer and dock areas.

Capable of easily moving loads into trailers while unloading from a trailer’s side onto a dock, the system eliminates the need for employees and equipment to cross a trailer threshold, reducing equipment damage, employee injuries, downtime and costs.

Company Product Description


The KEITH Freight Runner dock-to-trailer conveying system can reduce load/unload times up to 80%, providing a quick return on investment.

By seamlessly connecting the dock conveyor to the trailer conveyor, loading/unloading is safer and faster.

Personnel or equipment no longer cross the threshold of the trailer, eliminating confined space entry and reducing forklift damage to cargo or trailers. Depending upon the application, load/unload times at the dock can be reduced to less than 5 minutes.

The customizable design of the Freight Runner conveyor provides warehouse environments with flexible material handling solutions. The heavy-duty, rail conveying system handles loads of up to 30 ton. At the dock, the unique “drawbridge” seamlessly connects the system with another installed in a trailer, speeding up product distributionup to 80%.

Savings in both labor and equipment costs are realized because fewer resources are needed for loading/unloading. Controls are simple, with no specialized training required. This allows loads to be pre-staged with a forklift and loaded by drivers or other warehouse personnel. The system requires minimal facility modifications.

The conveyor connects the dock to trailer, transferring loads up to 30 ton at the touch of a button. The seamless dock to trailer connection reduces trailer load/unload time up to 80% and increases loads per day, per trailer.

Improves safety because equipment and personnel no longer need to cross the hazardous threshold area of the trailer/dock zone. This also eliminates confined space entry and minimizes forklift damage to cargo or trailers. Reduces labor and equipment costs because fewer resources are needed for loading/unloading. Loads can be pre-staged in warehouse and loaded by drivers, freeing forklift traffic for other work.