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Autoquip’s Freight Lifts Offer Versatile Material Handling Functionaility

Autoquip Freight Lifts - vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) provide affordable access to multi-floor facilities.

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These flexible products are available in your choice of straddle, cantilever, and 4-post designs and feature a variety of loading patterns to accommodate any material handling application. They are ideal for access to everything from mezzanines to multi-level manufacturing or distribution facilities.

Freight Lift VRC’s are much more affordable than freight elevators. Their open design allows them to be easily fitted into virtually any facility. A variety of loading patterns and platform sizes provides seamless integration into manufacturing and distribution systems.

Autoquip VRC’s are designed so they can be installed as freestanding units or designed into the facility structure. In mezzanine applications, Freight Lift VRC’s are the ideal solution to transporting materials and products to the elevated mezzanine level for assembly or inventory control systems.

These VRC’s can even be integrated into conveyor based systems for a fluid work flow to elevated production levels. With platform sizes of up to 12’ X 15’, and capacities ranging to 20,000 lb. these affordable VRC’s can transform an elevated storage mezzanine into an active production area.

For multi-level facilities Freight Lift VRC’s are the most cost effective method of transferring materials or products. Offering vertical travel as high as 100 feet, Freight Lift VRC’s could turn a ten story building into a production facility. These VRC’s can be installed on the inside or outside of a structure, so they can even be integrated into the loading dock for fast access to upper levels.

Autoquip has decades of experience in the design and production of Freight Lift vertical reciprocating conveyors, and has an experienced engineering team to provide affordable solutions to material handling problems. Autoquip can also provide semi-custom modified standard products, and full custom solutions to increase productivity and streamline work-flow.

Applications & Markets:

  • Mezzanine Applications
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Self-storage Or Mini Storage Facilities
  • Auto Dealer Part Departments
  • Retail Restaurants Hospitals


Freight Lift are available with many options and features to meet your project and efficiency requirements. Experienced engineering and quality manufacturing come together to give our customers the lift equipment they can count on for many years.

  • Gates and enclosures to meet customers’ requirements
  • Specific state code packages
  • Mast splice to meet installation conditions
  • Optional on-load/off-load configurations
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Through superior craftsmanship and customer service, Autoquip Corporation has remained an established leader in custom material handling equipment since its founding in 1947. Our mission to design and build the highest quality in standard and custom lifts has allowed us to work closely with major industries worldwide.

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