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Prevent forklift-related pedestrian injuries with warning spotlight

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When mounted to a forklift or other moving vehicle, the Forewarner LED spotlight attachment by Keytroller projects a solid blue or red, tightly focused spot of light on the floor, behind and/or in front of the vehicle.

Keytroller’s MAXI LED light is a major advancement in safety around overhead cranes. MAXI’S powerful 24 LED projects a blue, red or white spot or line on the plant floor below. This alerts pedestrian workers below of the presence and movement of the hook or load.

Additionally, by “boxing” the hook/load the crane operator has a new frame of reference for exact positioning and safer control of the load.

Keytroller Forewarner Maxi LED Product Description

Honored by Plant Engineering’s Prestigious Product of the Year Awards, FOREWARNER-MAXI ensures pedestrian safety under overhead cranes by projecting a solid white, blue or red tightly focused LED spot or line on the floor below that alerts pedestrians to an overhead crane’s hook location. In addition, the product aids precise positioning for the crane operator with another frame of reference on floor.

New FOREWARNER-LED warning lights from KEYTROLLER significantly improve awareness of pedestrians who work close to heavy and dangerous equipment.

Industrial plants have forklifts, heavy equipment, personal carriers and overhead cranes busily working. Operators frequently multitask and in a hurry to complete their tasks. Pedestrian workers are also busy doing their job in the same proximity as these material handling machines – with major safety hazards in play!

Audible alarms are limited

Audible alarms have been used successfully for many decades. However, they are frequently “drowned out” and ignored as workers get used to the beeping sound. There is also more widespread use of ear plugs to protect the worker. FOREWARNER lights do not take the place of audible alarms, but do provide visual warning that is relative to the proximity of the moving equipment hazard.

FORWARNER MAXI lights improve safety on overhead cranes:

  • Reduce incidences of human error – ensures pedestrians are aware of moving load.
  • Pedestrian sees projected line or spot on floor – knows his proximity to the moving load.
  • Very effective for overhead cranes in areas with many pedestrians.
  • Beeping audible alarms do NOT provide a pedestrian with a sense of proximity to the load on the crane.
  • Crane operators have a new “frame of reference” of the exact position of load/hook above floor.
  • Significantly improves operator control of the load, especially when exact positioning is required.
  • Operators do not have to take their eyes off the crane block or load to know trolley is centered over the load.
  • Snap-on lens cover creates square “box” around load/hook on floor below clear “danger area”.
  • Warns pedestrians from walking under suspended load.
  • When a load on a crane is stopped suddenly, there is significant hook/load sway.
  • Workers concentrating on their job at hand and may NOT see moving load in their area.
  • Crane operators concentrate on the load they are handling and may NOT see workers.
  • Powerful 24 MAXI LED 120 watt light projects RED, BLUE or WHITE spot or line –with lens cover.


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