FASTPICK goods-to-person order fulfilment system

High operator efficiency and easily scalable for unpredictable growth requirements.

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The e-commerce revolution offers huge growth potential. However, this also means that your warehouse can reach its limits much sooner than expected. E-commerce and omni-channel warehouses face increasing pressure to tackle rising operational costs.

These arise from increasing customer requirements, such as the demand for fast order delivery. In addition, increasing storage requirements, expanding SKU ranges (stock keeping units) and dealing with variable order sizes can be serious challenges, as well as a lack of available workforce.

To keep up with an exponentially growing market, scalable solutions are vital. As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers FASTPICK, which seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

FASTPICK is a goods-to-person order fulfilment system that uses the advanced ADAPTO shuttles for product storage and retrieval for day-to-day operations. To handle short-term peaks in a cost-efficient way, highly efficient trolley picking is used to complement the goods-to-person system.

It offers:

  • high operator efficiency
  • easy scalability to cope with short-term peaks and long-term growth
  • high storage density
  • rapid order fulfilment
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Vanderlande is a leading supplier of value-added logistic process automation for warehouses and distribution centers. The company is also the global market leader for automated solutions at airports, and in the parcel market.

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