6 River Systems: Fast Lane Fully Automated Picking Process

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6 River Systems (6RS) is a leading fulfillment solutions provider for 3PL, multi-channel commerce, retail and B2B companies worldwide. With Chuck, the most flexible and configurable collaborative robot in the industry, 6RS empowers operators to transform the entire fulfillment workflow from putaway, to picking, sorting and packing. The 6RS solution fulfills millions of units each week for companies across North America and Europe, including DHL, ACT Fulfillment, Office...
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New system enables full picking automation for high-velocity SKUs.

New system enables full picking automation for high-velocity SKUs.

Gain Operational Scale, Meet Customer Demand

To keep pace with rising consumer demands and a declining labor supply, companies are seeking ways to gain operational scale.

Fast Lane enables mid- to high-volume operators to fully automate the picking process for high-velocity SKUs. This improves fulfillment performance and allows warehouse associates to perform higher impact tasks and functions.

Increase Throughput

Fast Lane is a component of 6 River Systems’ end-to-end fulfillment solution. Fast Lane allows operators to utilize robotic picking to fully automate high-velocity SKU fulfillment. Fast Lane merges seamlessly into the manual picking process.

“6 River Systems keeps strengthening the application of robotics to align with pressing strategic enterprise considerations such as labor market challenges.”
- Remy Glaisner, Research Director, IDC

Fast Implementation & ROI

Fast Lane can be implemented as part of a new 6 River Systems project or in facilities where Chuck is already used for picking.

Typically, ROI is achieved in 18-24 months for a single cell and 12-18 months for two or more fully utilized cells.

Is Fast Lane Right for Your Operation?

Ideal SKUs for Fast Lane are fast moving “top off” items, such as batteries or fast moving promotional items.

Each Fast Lane workcell can pick 300 units per hour from a pool of up to 8 SKUs. The workcells are 8’ x 8’ by 8’ (or 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m) and are set up adjacent to the active pick area.

SKU requirements:

  • Dimensions: Fit into a 6” x 6” x 6” (or 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm) cube.
  • Weight: Less than 2 pounds.
  • Handling: Must be easy to pick with one hand.
  • If cartonized, product must be sealed shut.
  • We partner with leading robotic solutions providers, including Soft Robotics.