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Custom Sky Hook Modifications

Custom safety hooks offered for portable lifting devices.

Image courtesy of Syclone Attco Service.

Syclone ATTCO, Inc. specializes in creating solution based lifting devices to fit almost any application.

The Sky Hook, in basic concept, is designed to be a simple, maintenance free, compact, industrial lifting device. The standard Sky Hook models offer a wide range of base options to accommodate a variety of needs in the market place.

However, there are many applications in the industry that require a compact lifting device of different dimensions and capabilities. That’s where the Sky Hook Solution Center comes into play!

The Sky Hook lifting device is ideal for all types of industries from Manufacturing, to Maintenance and Safety. With options like stainless steel chain, delrin components and nylon bushings, the Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device can be customized to work in most any clean room environment.

No matter what the clearance or height requirements, there are limitless possibilities for creating a one of a kind Sky Hook to fit your needs.

The Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device customization are divided into two main categories; Standard Customizations and Ground-Up Custom Creations. Check out more information below.

Standard Customizations

Syclone ATTCO, Inc. has been creating custom, customer driven Sky Hook creations for the last 40 years. In that time span, Sky Hook has streamlined its capabilities for generating quick, over the phone, visual quotes with accurate and reasonable pricing. It has also greatly improved the production process to accommodate the vastly growing needs of the industrial consumer.

Click here for more information on our most common customizations..

Manufacturing safe, high-quality, inexpensive lifting devices is what Syclone Products has been doing for over 40 years. Sky Hook industrial lifting devices have been manufactured in the USA by our family-owned and operated business for over three generations

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