Carron Net Company: Custom designed guard net systems for pallet racks and conveyors

Cost effective, custom designed pallet rack and conveyor guard systems protect workers and reduce costly product damage. 100% nylon nets with load ratings of 250-5,000 pounds are ready to install right out of the box to help you meet OSHA 1926.250 requirements. Hardware mounting accessories are also available.
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Safety net systems with a variety of load retention capacities installs quickly and easily.

Safety net systems with a variety of load retention capacities installs quickly and easily.

Nearly 50,000 injuries per year are attributed to contact with parts, materials and machinery.  Contact with objects was the No. 1 fatal event in 2015, according to the US Department of Labor.  This, along with the high cost of damaged merchandise due to product falls, creates a need for a guard solution. 

Safety net systems with a variety of load retention capacities are designed to install quickly and easily on pallet racks and conveyors, allowing product fall hazards to be abated in a matter of minutes.

Conveyor Catch Nets
Whether the conveyor system is overhead or located at ground level, netting is a simple solution to protect employees and save products from damage and loss. Conveyor nets can be ordered to specific dimensions or supplied in bulk lengths.  Properly installed conveyor guard nets provide easy access for product clearance and system maintenance and help comply with OSHA 1926.555 guarding requirements.

Pallet Rack Guard Nets
Static rack nets are fixed in position on the back side of racks or in flue spaces between racks where regular access is not required, providing an economical product containment and employee safeguarding solution.  Pallet rack guard nets are manufactured to the size and load requirements of each specific application, allowing for simple out-of-the-box installation and secure fit for product retention and employee safety per OSHA 1926.250.

Front Access Rack Nets
Accessible net systems install on the front side of pallet racks providing security and seismic protection while still allowing quick, easy acquisition of product stored on shelves without impeding loading. Nets covering single bays can be lowered manually while nets covering multiple bays slide side-to-side to allow for product access.