MEX Maintenance Software
Computerized maintenance management system

Manage assets with computerized maintenance management software.

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What is the MEX Maintenance Software?

MEX is a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) designed specifically to manage all your critical assets.

MEX achieves this by utilising simple but efficient maintenance modules that transform your computer into a maintenance control centre.

MEX has the ability to capture comprehensive asset information, manage day to day maintenance workloads, schedule preventative maintenance and inspections, handle automatic stores ordering and produce detailed statutory reports at the drop of a hat.

All in all MEX makes life easier for you and your service technicians on the job.

How Can MEX Help You?

MEX can help you by taking the stress out of maintenance management.

The all in one digital platform gives you a simple and effective tool to monitor anything and everything that’s maintenance related.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Well-maintained equipment equates to fewer breakdowns and also lower repair and replacement costs – A direct and measurable saving.

Increase Equipment Availability

With scheduled maintenance and inspections, equipment works more efficiently with reduced breakdowns.

Reliable Job Tracking

From current jobs, to requests, to historical data: Record all work carried out on equipment and in every detail.

Save Costs on Purchasing

Comprehensive inventory management allows for stock levels to be monitored and replaced on time, eliminating wait times on critical spares.

Accurate Performance Measurement

With the vast amount of equipment information stored against each asset, reports for auditing and analytic purposes are readily available.

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MEX is a leading Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). MEX supplies solutions to over 12,000 users worldwide, in industries such as; mining and minerals, light and heavy manufacturing, food processing and manufacturing, hotels, resorts, hospitals and government.

MEX Maintenance Software
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