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Chuck Automatic Guided Vehicle

Starting with Chuck, a collaborative mobile robot, 6 River Systems is building fulfillment solutions that power the winning warehouses of tomorrow.

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6 River Systems was built from the very beginning to solve a real problem: helping warehouses do more with less in the fastest, most flexible way possible. Our customers achieve 80% of the productivity of a goods-to-person system at 20% percent of the cost.

Some of the technological and design highlights include: Directed approach: Chuck leads workers through the aisles, while other AGVs either employ a swarm-based approach (where pickers look for a robot) or a follow-the-picker approach.

By leading pickers, our robots keep associates on task. Optimized pick path: Chuck optimizes all the orders through our cloud-based software that integrates with our customers’ WMS system. This allows Chuck to determine the best, most dense pick paths, saving warehouse associates precious time from walking needlessly.

Biggest, most configurable cobot on the market: Our standard Chuck robot supports a 160-lb payload, the largest of any cobot on the market. Chuck also comes in a wider version (Chuck+), and can be configured to a three-tiered robot that supports fulfillment of shoes, garment on hanger, aircraft and computer parts and more. Chuck can hold 16 average ecommerce orders while other cobots only hold 2 average ecommerce orders.


  • Induct Feature- Chuck communicates with software to intelligently group orders, minimizing walking and maximizing productivity for pickers.
  • Picking Feature- Chuck leads pickers through a group of tasks (e.g. put-away, picking, counting, replenishment) and shows pickers important data — item image, description, quantity, location, etc. — on a tablet-sized display. Chuck’s built-in scanner captures all product information, including real-time validation of lot and serial number.
  • Takeoff Feature- Once fully loaded, Chuck travels on its own to the next destination. The destination can be take-off for packing, a separate pick zone or an exception area to fix problem orders.

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E-commerce has changed the world. Customers demand better service but operators are stuck in the trenches, fighting today’s problems with yesterday’s tools. 6 River Systems knows that fulfillment is key to customer satisfaction. Starting with Chuck, a collaborative mobile robot, 6 River Systems is building fulfillment solutions that power the winning warehouses of the future.

6 River Systems
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6 River Systems
Optimize Fulfillment with Collaborative Robotic Picking
Win the race to lightning-fast fulfillment
Thursday, August 30, 2018 | 2PM ET

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