CentraPower hydraulic system

Combine multiple hydraulic dock levelers with single pumping station.

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CentraPower provides our hydraulic customers with valuable savings in both money and energy every year. For applications with at least six hydraulic levelers, CentraPower eliminates the need to operate and maintain multiple individual pumping stations by combining them into one single station.

CentraPower is an easy to install, cost-effective, multi-leveler remote hydraulic system. The system consolidates the individual electric motors, pumps, and reservoirs of several standard levelers into one convenient hydraulic pumping station. The reduction of electrical runs, disconnects, and control wiring can produce significant cost savings while simplifying maintenance requirements. Additional system assurances are afforded as CentraPower comes standard with a back-up motor and pump assembly.


  • Isolated Dock Positions

    Each position can be hydraulically and electrically locked out allowing for individual leveler service or replacement without disruption to other levelers on the system.
  • Individual Control Stations

    Each leveler has its own individual push button control station making operation by the user identical to any standard powered dock leveler.
  • Reduced Electrical Costs

    Electrical disconnects and high voltage power supplies are only needed at the pump station and not at each dock position. This greatly reduces electrical infrastructure costs.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

    CentraPower’s translucent plastic reservoir makes it quick and easy to check fluid levels or contamination from one location.
  • Redundant Operation

    Although only one pump and motor is needed to operate the system, there are two pumps and two motors in each CentraPower station providing a reliable back up should the need arise.
  • Self-Monitoring Motor Stations

    The motor operations are monitored and red control lights warn the operator if a motor error occurs.
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