Rytec Bantam Roll-Up Doors


Rytec is North America’s leading manufacturer of high-speed, high-performance doors. For over 30 years, our focus has been exclusively on design, innovation and manufacturing of high-performance doors. Market-leading companies across a variety of industries rely on Rytec for outstanding quality, performance and reliability.
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Rytec High Performance Doors Company Profile

Unlock Efficiency with Rytec Bantam Roll-Up Doors!

Unlock Efficiency with Rytec Bantam Roll-Up Doors!

Providing an alternative for overhead dock doors, Bantam roll-up doors can be operated manually with a pull-chain hoist and a speed governor or on an optional motorized basis. Featuring a variety of other options, including motorized reversing edges, panel materials, and roll and door covers, the doors have low profiles and offer 4 inches of side column projection and 6.25 inches of side clearance.

Capable of achieving manual open speeds or motorized opening speeds of up to 12 inches per second, the doors can be reset in seconds with a Quick-Set Break-Away system.

Offering weather seals in their side columns and tops, the doors are durable and have wind ribs that provide resistance from wind, along with any negative pressure they may encounter. 

Company Product Description 

The Bantam roll up door is an economical fabric door alternative for high maintenance loading dock doors. The low profile design accommodates most dock applications. Manual operation is standard via a pull-chain hoist, with optional motorized operation. Also when looking for dependable, low maintenance and easy to operate roll up shop doors, look no farther than the Bantam. 

Ideal for interior or exterior industrial applications with low to moderate traffic. The manual Bantam can be built up to 10′ wide x 10′ high, with a maximum size of 14′ wide x 15′ high for motorized doors. 


  • Durable components allow for accidental impact and unprecedented quality at an economical price.
  • Simple door operation by chain hoist eliminates complicated electrical controls.
  • Break-Away™ bottom bar is easily reset without tools, virtually eliminating maintenance.
  • Modular panel design allows for easy replacement.


  • Quick-Set™ Break-Away™ tabs allow the bottom bar to release in either direction without damaging the door.
  • Optional full-width vision panel or 17″ window(s) provides visibility from both sides of the door.