Agilox OCF Omnidirectional Counterbalanced Forklift AMR

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The Intelligent powerhouse for maximum load carrier flexibility.

The Intelligent powerhouse for maximum load carrier flexibility.

AGILOX OCF Autonomous Mobile Robot

The AGILOX OCF is the counterbalanced powerhouse of the AGILOX Autonomous Mobile Robots, offering the highest load capacity in the lineup. Due to its unique forklift system, it provides customers with maximum load carrier flexibility. Using the proprietary AGILOX X-Swarm Technology, the robots move their loads autonomously by navigating warehouses and production facilities while optimizing routes in real time, offering unique advantages over centralized systems.

The electric linear lift system is maintenance-free and enables powerful and reliable lifting, making the AGILOX OCF a formidable force capable of lifting loads up to 1,500 kg/3,300 lbs to a maximum height of 1,600 mm/63 inches. With its omnidirectional driving concept, three driving units provide unparalleled freedom of movement, allowing for standardized forward and backward motions, as well as diagonal, parallel, and rotary movements around the vehicle's axis.

Equipped with millimeter precision navigation capabilities using the contours of its surroundings, the AGILOX OCF showcases an impressive ability to recognize and avoid obstacles autonomously. Safety is paramount: Supported by various sensors, including the safety laser scanner, and certified by TUEV SUED to comply with the UL 3100 safety standard, the AGILOX OCF navigates with precision through its environment. In addition, the AGILOX Floor Spot is a safety feature that adds a forward-facing light source that signals an approaching AMR to employees – important in an environment where team members and robots work alongside each other safely.

Using the optional 3D LIDAR sensor, the highly functional Obstacle Avoidance feature detects obstacles in the travel path that cannot be detected by the 2D safety laser scanners, allowing the vehicle to actively avoid obstacles. Other features that can be added include a barcode reader. The system supports the barcode types Code 39, Code 128, 2/5 Interleaved, QR Code and Datamatrix. This allows clients to create intelligent and dynamic processes based on barcode information, increasing the level of automating the workflows even further.