Cynergy Ergonomics
Aero-Lift Powered Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Vacuum lifter speeds carton packing.

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Effortless Handling of Heavy Loads

Our line of vacuum lifting systems can simplify your daily material handling tasks, especially with heavy or hard-to-handle loads.  Cynergy vacuum lifters are capable of lifting and handling work pieces weighing over 5,000 pounds.

There are almost no limits to the possible applications: metal sheets, glass sheets, coils, sheets of wood, planks and beams, stones and rocks, barrels, drums, etc…

Loads which, in the past, had to be moved by several persons can now be handled easily and safely by a single person with the assistance of a properly designed vacuum lifter.

Advantages of Vacuum Lifters:

  • Faster lifting and handling of loads.
  • Improved ergonomics in production - back injuries are a thing of the past!
  • Products are gripped safely without damaging them.
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Cynergy Ergonomics
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Cynergy Ergonomics
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