Boston Dynamics Releases New Video Hinting at New Humanoid Robot

In a new teaser video Boston Dynamics hints at the Atlas robot using all electric motors.

In a new teaser video Boston Dynamics hints at the Atlas robot using all electric motors.

In the video description Boston Dynamics describes the new robot as “An Electric New Era for Atlas.”

This new robot is fully electic in contrast with previous hydraulic models.

Boston Dynamics recently announced the retirement of their hydraulic Atlas robot and introduced a new fully electric Atlas robot, designed for real-world applications. This next generation of the Atlas program is a testament to decades of research, showcasing the company's commitment to providing highly capable and useful mobile robots to solve some of the toughest industry challenges, including Spot, Stretch, and now Atlas.

A decade ago, Boston Dynamics was one of the few companies that invested real R&D efforts into developing humanoid robots. However, the landscape in the robotics industry has since changed significantly, and their customers have seen remarkable success with Spot and Stretch, making them eager to tackle the next challenge with Atlas. The company's track record of successful commercialization instills confidence that they can create more than an impressive R&D project, but a valuable solution as well.

Their journey with Atlas begins with Hyundai's investment and their next generation of automotive manufacturing capabilities, which will serve as the perfect testing ground for new Atlas applications. As Boston Dynamics continues to move forward, they are excited to showcase what the world's most dynamic humanoid robot can do, whether in the lab, factory, or our everyday lives.

You can read more in the latest Boston Dynamics blog here.