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Beacon Powered Pallet Truck

Fork Extensions allow for a greater reach.

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The Powered Pallet Truck has 3 main power features including; (1) Power Drive, (2) Power Forks for vertical travel and (3) Power Forks for horizontal extension and retraction.

This unit is ideal to reach recessed pallets on the ground and up on shelves. Designed to be utilized at “DC” Distribution Centers and warehouses to lift and position loads quickly and efficiently.

The extendable scissor fork carriage allows the forks to extend and reach out additional 25” for difficult to reach pallets.

This Model BSS-118-AA-FR is designed and balanced to operate safely with outriggers on the left and right side.

To operate the lift in a high recessed palled environment, use the controls on the handle for precise positioning, raise the forks, extend the fork carriage, pick up the pallet, retract the forks and lower the pallet.

The overall service range includes a lowered height of 2” and a raised height of 118”.  The capacity is rated as a uniform load including a variance for the service range; when the forks are retracted, with a lift range of 2” up to 62” the capacity is 1,500 lbs., when the forks are retracted with a lift range of 62” to 118” the capacity is 1,000 lbs.

When the forks are extended, with a lift range of 2” up to 62” the capacity is 800 lbs., when the forks are extended with a lift range of 62” to 118” the capacity is 600 lbs. Fork Size is 26-3/4” wide x 36-1/4” long. Powered by two (2) 12 VDC batteries including on board charger.

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Beacon’s wide range of lift products provide solutions for industrial lifting requirements. 

All lifts are to be operated by trained personnel. Always keep hands and feet clear of the underside of the lift platform. Safety and alertness is primary when utilizing the Powered Pallet Truck.

Beacon Industries
12300 Old Tesson Rd
St Louis, Missouri   63128   USA

Ph: 1 (314)-487-7600
1 (800) 454-7159
Fax: 1 (314) 487-0100

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